Neurosensori-Motor Integration

Neurosensori-motor integration is how the brain processes information from the body and the environment, organizes that information and then produces the right response, i.e., motor movement, self-regulation to that information. Neurosensori-motor integration relies on many parts of the brain processing together to function within a given context.

Effective neurosensori-motor processes depend upon your brain’s ability to integrate and synchronize information from its neural circuits and networks that include the five senses, muscles, joints, and balance (vestibular system), and then transform that information to execute neuromotor output (rhythm, movement).

Neurosensori-motor activities and exercises that integrate and synchronize the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, and vestibular senses increase the efficiency of your brain’s neural processes. When neural processing and efficiency increases, a variety of other benefits occur:

  • Timing improves
  • Functional vision improves
  • Sense of balance improves
  • Mental processing improves
  • Reaction time improves
  • Proprioception improves
  • Self-regulation improves

You can improve your neurosensori-motor integration challenge(s) through the PranaMind neurosenori-motor integration approach.

Neurosensori-Motor Integration at PranaMind

The non-invasive PranaMind neurosensori-motor integration approach is focused on the three foundational neurocognitive processes—timing, rhythm, and processing speed. Neuro sensori-motor exercises improve these three processes.  The exercises require your brain to develop and use neural networks and circuits to organize and execute the activities effectively. As the difficulty of a task increases, the number of neurons needed to perform the task increases. For example, balance board exercises have the effect of constantly building and creating more extensive neural networks. 

The PranaMind neurosensori-motor integration approach

  • Improves rhythm, timing, and processing speed.

  • Enhances attention and focus.

  • Improves executive functions abilities of working-memory, planning, and organization.

  • Improve learning—academically, socially, and emotionally.

  • Strengthens functional vision.

  • Reduces impulsiveness, distraction, and hyperactivity which affects social emotional behavior.

  • Improves how information is transmitted between different sensory areas of the brain.

The PranaMind neurosensori-motor integration approach improves timing, enhances neurosensori motor skills and coordination to strengthen cognitive ability, and develop behavioral control and social skills.