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Holistic Approach: Brain Training for a New Age

The PranaMind Center is a drug-free, holistic neurocognitive training center for adults, children/teens, families, and groups that changes lives. As an integrative neuroscience mental health and wellness center PranaMind uses state of the art non-invasive neurocognitive technologies, talk therapy, sensori-motor integration, and nutritional supplements to assist individuals in improving their lives. 

PranaMind’s holistic approach concentrates on the whole individual and their culturecology that distinguishes three interdependent dynamic factors.  Culturecology recognizes the following:

  • “The nature of the person” and “the nature of the environment” are inextricably connected

  • Both the environment and human beings are cultural phenomena

  • The “cultural grounding” and meaning of each (individual and environment) must be culturally understood in order to fully understand the interactive relationship between an individual’s health and disease

These dynamic factors are the key to creating an effective intervention plan that emphasizes:

  • The individual is valued as a unified whole—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and environmental forces.

  • The individual and practitioner are partners in the healing and wellness process.

  • Effective conventional and alternative interventions that are natural and non-invasive are used to facilitate the innate healing response whenever possible.

The PranaMind holistic research-based approach offers a wide variety of whole individual evidence-based neuro technologies, psychotherapies, classes and coaching to help you integrate every part of your being to stay well.  The emphasis is shifted from establishing what is wrong to finding out how to live better through deep and enduring holistic mental health practices.


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