Neurocognitive Training at PranaMind

Neurocognitive training can change the way your brain works!

What is Neurocognitive Training?

Neurocognitive training can be viewed as a brain workout to improve a variety of neurocognitive processes and functions (see Figure 1)

Neurocognitive training at PranaMind is based on the theory that the brain can be changed through neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.  

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s capacity to change and rewire itself after each new experience.  

Neurogenesis is the brain’s ability to create new neurons and generate new connections between neurons.  The brain literally can change itself as the result of a new learning experience and it can grow new connections in response to being stimulated.  

Neurocognitive training is the use of structured brain exercises aimed at improving specific neurocognitive processes and functions in targeted ways. PranaMind uses state of the art neuro technology to program specific neurocognitive training exercises that strengthen existing neural connections and stimulate growth of new neural connections for specific neurocognitive processes and functions.  

Research in neuropsychology and neuroscience shows that progressively challenging neurocognitive goals can lead to faster processing of information, better attention, and improved executive functions, all of which lead to improved behavioral interactions, social relationships, academic performance, and community involvement. By making the goals explicit, you know what the target is, how to reach and/or when you reached it. 

The PranaMind neurocognitive training program progresses at a pace unique to you. Factors that determine your level of development and success includes:


  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Ability to continually progress toward each specific neurocognitive training goals
  • Coachability, defined as the individual’s ability to understand and follow directions, along with being motivated to workout with brain fitness training exercises

Typically, significant goals may be achieved after 12-18 sessions with a minimum commitment of two to three sessions per week for six weeks.

State of the Art Neuro Technology

PranaMind uses RightEye, Interactive Metronome-Home, and Interactive Metronome state-of-the-art neuro technologies in its neurocognitive training program.   

Neurocognitive Training Exercises

The PranaMind neurocognitive training approach is individualized, with numerous challenging training levels designed to strengthen neurons and stimulate new neuron growth.  Cutting-edge algorithms adapt to your performance to automatically adjust the level of difficulty. At the end of each neurocognitive training session the algorithms provide an objective record of your progress. A certified neurocognitive training coach uses these results to plan and adjust for your next neurocognitive training session.

Interactive Metronome-Home & Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome-Home (IM-H) and Interactive Metronome (IM) is an evidence-based neurocognitive fitness program that helps children and adults to improve attention, rhythm, concentration, timing, and focus.  IM-H and IM are based on the simple principle—that training the brain to improve its timing and to focus for specific lengths of time results in improve neuro processing.

IM-Home & IM is a structured, individualized goal-oriented program that challenges you to rhythmically synchronize whole-body exercises to a precise computer-generated beat. You complete your IM-H individualized program on your own time, at home, with the guidance and supervision of a PranaMind Certified IM-Home provider. Or you can use IM to train in the PranaMind Center.

Through deliberate practice IM-Home can enhance the following neurocognitive skills areas and functions:

  • Attention & Focus
  • Working Memory
  • Reading
  • Brain Injury & Trauma
  • Mental Timing & Rhythm
  • Visual Processing
  • Behavior (Aggression & Impulsivity)
  • Auditory Processing
  • Social Behavioral
  • Sports Performance
  • Balance, Gait & Coordination
  • Executive Functioning

How IM Works

Training your body & brain to work better together… READ MORE

Using web-based eClinic software, a IM-H Certified provider oversees your  progress and can make adjustments to the neurocognitive training program instantly, The advantages of IM-H are as follows:

  • Scientific Based Neurocognitive Training

    You receive a tailored training therapy plan designed by your PranaMind IM-H provider to improve focus, attention, motor planning and sequencing

  • Brain Training Workout Plan

    Based on previous workout results, the coach then revises the upcoming plan by introducing new exercises and goals for the next week

  • Neurocognitive Training Exercises

    Performed at home and your scores are automatically uploaded for your PranaMind IM-H provider to view

  • eClinic’s Messaging System

    Each week your IM-H provider analyzes the workout results to communicate improvements and challenges in scores for each exercise, along with any other issues that might arise and to give specific directions or just to give words of encouragement.

IM-Home for You

Children and adults have successfully used IM-Home to improve their academic, physical and interpersonal skills including the following:

  • Sit calmly and concentrate on tasks like homework and reading.
  • Improve overall academic performance.
  • Interact more frequently with peers and family members.
  • Participate productively in enrichment activities, like sports, music lessons, dance, martial arts and gymnastics
  • Communicate more effectively, both verbally and in writing.