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Who we are…

The PranaMind philosophy is to strive for optimal health through mind-body oneness.

Here at PranaMind we strive to improve the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, occupational, environmental, and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life by promoting brain health and wellness to preserve brain functioning across the human lifespan.

Changing Lives through brain fitness

Changing Lives through brain fitness

What We Do…

PranaMind’s integrative neuroscience approach integrates therapies from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, neuro technology, and alternative medicines that assist individuals in reaching their highest potential.



“My ability to deal with multiple high level stressors has enhanced, I feel like overall I can function at a higher rate of efficiency and speed”.

“I don’t have to re-read basic information.  I can read and pay attention amongst distraction better than before”.

“We’re very happy to say that we’ve noticed some significant behavioral changes with our son since we started implementing the dietary changes. Although we still slip with a little gluten and dairy here and there, we’ve be able to stick with the changes 95% of the time. Prior to the visit, Rob was experiencing severe outbursts/mood swings multiple times a week and sometimes more than once a day. We started the dietary changes right after our visit, and his outburst are greatly reduced. In fact, there have been fewer than a handful of noticeable episodes since we’ve made the changes starting in November. We’re really happy with the progress he is making, and we’re very grateful for your help.”

“I’ve been working with Dr J for over a year and knew immediately that I found the perfect person to help me on my journey. While I’m sure Dr J caters to each of his client’s needs, he has been everything and more than I ever knew I wanted or was looking for. Dr J is professional, kind, real, honest, candid, a great listener and most importantly has made a true impact on my mental health throughout my time with him. He is the type of person you truly just want to talk to, and it makes the entire process so natural and seamless. I have already recommended him and his practice (at Prana Mind) to several of my friends and family and would highly encourage you to schedule a meeting with Dr J – if you’re thinking of working with someone to level up yourself and/or mental health.”

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Our highly professional mental health advisors look forward to making PranaMind a part of your care solution

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