Psychonutrition is an exciting new field with ancient roots that focuses on the fascinating connections between the brain, the body, our digestion, and our behavior. It represents a holistic therapeutic approach, bringing the social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of life to the table of psychology. 

Whether we utilize natural nootropics for enhancement of cognitive and other brain functions or nutraceuticals for overall health, they both have implications for how you think, feel, and behave. All help your neural system of circuits and networks carry out their functions efficiently and effectively. Questions most people have include:

  • How are our psychological states affected by the food we eat?
  • How do common allergens produce symptoms of hyperactivity, paranoia, anxiety, and other psychological disturbances?
  • How do nutritional deficiencies contribute to mental health disorders and behavioral issues?
  • How is it that psychonutrition therapy can alleviate or cure psychological symptoms by treating their biological causes?

There is a major difference between the use of drugs and the use of nutrients in treating mental illness. 

Drugs may temporarily alleviate symptoms, but can never be considered a cure. A cure occurs when the patient is brought back to a state of mental balance. It implies a constitutional change, which can be accomplished through using nutrients that were missing in the diet. The human body was not designed to use drugs, and all have toxic side effects that can destroy the human brain and body, when used long term.

Millions of people have gone to their graves without knowing that their medications have negatively impacted their lives and in many cases may have contributed to their deaths. Still, millions more live with devastating side effects. The PranaMind approach is based on the premise that mind and body, work together and that food and nutrition are directly related to mood, behavior, and neurocognition processing.

Decades of research has shown that mental and emotional health issues are the result of a biochemical imbalance of neurotransmitters and vital micronutrients, i.e., vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The lack of nutrients can have devastating long-term effects, which can lead to unhealthy emotional and mental states such as depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, weight gain, brain fog, low mood, and mood swings, along with diabetes and auto-immune problems. Fortunately, by regulating vitamins and minerals we can move closer to restoring balance to the brain and body.

Restored balance and optimal health can be achieved by identifying and correcting biochemical and nutritional imbalances and deficiencies of already naturally occurring elements via micronutrients; vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Psychonutrition at PranaMind

At PranaMind, we rely on the best of evidence-based natural therapies to bring your brain chemistry, body and behavior back into balance. Each client’s needs are unique, and so, each therapy plan will be unique. The PranaMind specialist uses evidence-based research aligned with principles of Integrative Neuroscience to provide you with a holistic mind, body and spirit centered approach to achieve mental, behavioral and emotional wellness.

PranaMind Psychonutrition Approach

The PranaMind psychonutrition approach determines your body’s imbalances, treats them by nutritional means, and then uses an integrative neuroscience approach to blend therapies from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, neuro technology, and alternative medicine for a highly individualized and comprehensive treatment plan based on your needs. 

PranaMind partners with leading providers of nutritional products to offer you homeopathic, and nutritional vitamins, herbs, minerals and supplements products that are based on proven evidence-based research. 

Through collaboration with your therapist and easy-to-reference materials and learning tools you develop an understanding of psychonutrients and your mental health and well-being.

Holistic Pyschonutrition Services

PranaMind psychonutrition specialist will analyze your comprehensive nutrition profile and conduct a personal consultation to gather as much information about your lifestyle as possible. Together this information gives the psychonutrition specialist useful information to develop a unique therapy plan that includes:

  • Any nutritional imbalances or combinations of imbalances.
  • Explanations of your nutritional deficiencies.
  • Advice about which supplements are nutritionally the most effective for you to correct the imbalance.
  • Tools and coping strategies for dealing with your specific nutritional imbalance issues.
  • Psychonutrition education about the role of nutrition in mental well-being

Herbal Medicine

As part of your psychonutrition assessment, your psychonutrition specialist can discuss and suggest herbal supplements that make right for you.

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements

Nutraceutical. Nutraceutical products can be considered non-specific biological therapies used to promote your general well-being, control mental health symptoms, and improve neural processes in the brain.

Dietary Supplements. Dietary supplements are defined as a vitamin, mineral, herb or other plant-based chemical used to supplement your total dietary intake. Dietary supplements are not whole foods in their natural form. The vitamins or minerals have been used to create a natural supplement. Proper use of nutraceuticals can be used to address specific imbalances associated with many illnesses.