About RightEye

PranaMind is proud to offer a comprehensive vision exam using advanced, state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology. The RightEye Dynamic Vision Testing system enables PranaMind to pinpoint functional vision and brain health issues, the Reading Assessments Program identifies the root cause of reading problems, and the Sports Vision Program can improve athletic performance. In just 5 minutes, this proven, patented technology measures visual skills in ways that a standard eye exam cannot — enabling us to diagnose and treat underlying vision issues that affect your quality of life.

Based on your RightEye EyeQ test results, we’ll assign a series of exercises you complete under our supervision. EyeQ Trainer is a non-invasive, computer-based treatment proven to help improve your functional vision. It rehabilitates all six movement systems of the eye and promotes positive neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to make important neural connections.

The result — improved functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements — can lead to better focus and concentration, improved balance and hand-eye coordination. EyeQ Trainer is personalized to your specific needs, so that we can focus on those areas that affect you most.

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