Dear Families,

We know many of you are at home with your kids and may or may not have enough to fill the day. We have included three websites that offer both academic and brain-related games. Hidden pictures, mazes, word searches support brain integration, as well as tracking, attention to detail and concentration

We are including a link from which is a great resource for kids who have ADD. There are numerous articles and webinars. There is also a specific link on schedules

We have also downloaded a sleep schedule and 100 list of books

In addition, some great family games are Picwits, Telestrations. Fun games for 2 or more: Clack, Cobra Paw, If you are looking to do at-home science experiments, this is a good website

Please do not hesitate to email us, with questions, or need suggestions. We know these are trying times. The Covid-19, shelter in place brings a new level of patience and understanding. Try to find opportunities to have fun, laughter truly is the best medicine.

Stay safe, and know we look forward to seeing you all at PranaMind

All the best,
Hilary Jackson, MS
Director of Educational Therapy